Bishop Ian Ramsey Church of England Primary School


Reception Miss Jackson

Links can be found below to Letters and Sounds lessons for Phonics, Oak Academy Lessons for English and White Rose Lessons for Maths. Miss Jackson and Reception staff post additional instructions and activities for all other Areas of Learning every day on our Class Dojo portal. Please do not hesitate to contact us at school for further information or help and advice. 


Week beginning 22nd March  

Monday 22nd March 


White Rose Maths Session 1

Tuesday 23rd March 

White Rose Maths session 2


Wednesday 24th March 

White Rose Maths session 3

Thursday 25th March 

White Rose Maths session 4

Friday 26th March 


White Rose Maths session 5  

Week beginning 8th March 


Monday 15th March 


White Rose Maths Session 1


Tuesday 16th March 


White Rose Maths Session 2


Wednesday 17th March 

White Rose Maths Session 3


Thursday 18th March 

White Rose Maths Session 4


Friday 19th  March


White Rose Maths Session 5



Archived work - 01.03.21

Week beginning 1st March 

Monday 1st March 


Goldilocks lesson 6

White Rose Maths Counting back from 10 - Session 1 


Tuesday 2nd March 

Goldilocks lesson 7

Session 2  White Rose Maths Comparing numbers within 10


Wednesday 3rd March 

Goldilocks lesson 8

Session 3 White Rose Maths Comparing Numbers within 10


Thursday 4th March 

Goldilocks lesson 9

Session 4 White Rose Maths Making 10


Friday 5th March 

Goldilocks lesson 10


Session 5 White Rose Maths Making 10

 Music Lesson 2



Archived work - 22.02.21

Week beginning 22nd February 

During this week we will be looking at the story of Mr Wolf's Pancakes.

We will write a shopping list.

Make Pancakes and then sequence photographs to show how to make a pancake. 



Monday 22nd February 

 White Rose Maths Session 1 Representing and sorting 9 and 10.

 Goldilocks lesson 1


Tuesday 23rd February 

white Rose 

White Rose Maths Session 2 Representing and Sorting 9 and 10

Goldilocks lesson 2


Wednesday 24th February 

White Rose Maths Session 3 Ordering Numerals to 10

Goldilocks lesson 3


Thursday 25th February 

White Rose Maths Session 4 Composition of 9 and 10

Goldilocks lesson 4


Friday 26th February 

White Rose Maths Session 5 Numbers to 10 Bingo

 Goldilocks lesson 5


Music lesson 1



Archived work - 


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