Bishop Ian Ramsey Church of England Primary School

school Council 

Our School Council are led by Mrs McEvoy. We have representatives from each class, who are voted onto the School Council by their peers in September. Our School Council meet regularly and help to organise lots of different events in school.





We think it is really important that the children in our school have the chance to voice their opinions on all aspects of school life. 

We asked some of our children what they thought about some of the topics we have been learning about this term. 




“I liked learning about North, East, South and West.

“I liked learning about hot and cold climates.

“I like the activity when we had to follow directions.

“I liked learning about animals from hot and cold climates.

"I know North, East, South and West

"I know about tropical climates, temperate climates, cold and hot climates."



“I liked learning about the different countries in Europe” 

“I liked learning about the different cultures and ways of life in different countries “ 

“I liked learning about the different flags of the countries in Europe” 

“I liked comparing London and Paris to see how they were the same and how they were different” 

“I liked learning about the different languages that people spoke in different countries” 




“I love copying other pictures from the past.”

“I love Art, it makes me happy."

“I love using pastels because you can smudge it with your finger."

“I love art, I just keep trying."

“I like copying the Great Fire of London pictures."

"I know how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours."



"I enjoyed making Egyptian safety pin bracelets and the scarabs out of oven dry clay. "
"I loved learning about the artists Tiffany and Bulgari "


“ I liked practising my sketching skills “ 

“ I liked how using the different colours to make my final piece “

“ I liked doing the portrait in the style of Van Gough”  

"I liked learning how to create perspective in my art work."
"I enjoyed it when we drew superhero pictures with perspective in them."
"It was good to work on my shading skills when we tried to make our sketches appear to be real."



"I like learning about the past."

"History is fun."

"They had different toys to us like a rocking horse."



"I loved learning about mummification."

"I loved finding out how the brain was pulled out through your nose!"

"I loved using Purple Mash to compare the Mayan game of Pok-a-Tok with football. It was nice to see my work go onto our display in the classroom"
"I didn't know much about the Maya so it was really good to find out more about them. I especially enjoyed learning about their amazing temples."


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