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Collective Worship

We have made our Collective Worship sessions available for you to join in with at home since Autumn 2020. We hope you have found these useful, especially during the period of School Closures from January 2021. We will be continuing to make our Collective Worship sessions available throughout this academic year. All of our Collective Worship PowerPoints can be found at the bottom of this page for this current term. Collective Worship PowerPoints for previous terms can also be found in the 'Archived Collective Worship' section of our website. 

Collective Worship at BIR

At Bishop Ian Ramsey CE Primary School, Collective Worship is a wonderful opportunity to share, reflect and explore personal beliefs, issues of identity, and questions of meaning and purpose. 

Each week we focus on a Christian value.  In this way, it makes an important contribution to promoting our children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development. It is also a vehicle for supporting inclusion as well as building community cohesion.

Collective Worship is a legal requirement of schools under the 1944 Education Act & was affirmed in subsequent legislation (1988 and 1996). In accordance with the law and the ethos of our school, the majority of acts of Collective Worship reflect the ‘broad traditions of Christian belief’. This does not restrict the focus exclusively to Christianity alone, but will sometimes include material from a range of  spiritual, religious and secular contexts.

The children are encouraged to explore ideas arising from the stimulus material presented by staff and visitors and invited to reflect on them from their own perspectives. There is never any intention to impose religious ideas or beliefs on pupils but often the material can raise issues and questions that are relevant to their lives, irrespective of their background.

There will always be a time of quiet when pupils are invited to reflect on the focus of the Worship, with an invitation to those children for whom it is appropriate to make their thoughts into a personal prayer. Sometimes words of traditional prayers are used to support that reflection.

Through Collective Worship at Bishop Ian Ramsey CofE Primary School, our intentions are that:

  • Children will take part in a form of Collective Worship every day;
  • The collective worship will include the singing of hymns, choruses and songs and opportunities are given, both to join in with and to listen to prayers;
  • Time will also be provided for silence and reflection;
  • Each week will focus upon a Christian value. They will be varied and will always have a moral imperative whether based on Biblical topics or relating to the cycle of the seasons, the wonders of the world, the deeds of human kind or the celebration of religious festivals;
  • Themes will also relate to special days & celebrations plus the children’s interests;
  • The themes will be put forward in a variety of ways, e.g. through story, prose, poetry, drama, art, music, discussion;
  • Whilst the majority of assemblies will be Christian based, there will sometimes be a focus or reference to other faiths;
  • All members of staff are given the opportunity to lead Collective Worship;
  • Children are given the opportunity to take a lead;
  • Members of appropriate organisations are invited to share in Collective Worship.


Through the above, we intend that our children will:

  • have the opportunity to worship and to develop a relationship with God if they wish to;
  • develop an understanding of Christian values, where these originate and what these can add to their own life & practice;
  • develop respect and understanding of the self and of others;
  • create a sense of belonging and connecting to the world;
  • develop empathy and community with others;
  • provide security within which pupils can share their values and beliefs;
  • provide opportunities to question and reflect;
  • promote discernment and support pupils in combating prejudice;
  • encourage a sense of awe and wonder about the world.

At Bishop Ian Ramsey CE Primary School, we conduct assemblies and Collective Worship in a dignified and respectful manner. We tell children that assembly time is a period of calm reflection. We regard it as a special time and expect children to behave in an appropriate manner. We ask them to be quiet and thoughtful and to listen carefully to the teachings and participate fully in prayer and singing. We create an appropriate atmosphere by using music and sometimes candles or other objects that act as a focal point for the attention of the children.

Our weekly cycle of Collective Worship

Our Collective Worship sessions take place every day at 9.10am

  • Monday: Whole School Worship with Mrs Johnston (Headteacher) or Mr Mordue (Deputy Headteacher) based on our weekly value.
  • Tuesday: Singing Praise with Miss Jackson and / or Father John Fisher (St Mary Magdalene Church, Medomsley)
  • Wednesday:  Class Worship using iSing Pop.
  • Thursday: Whole School Worship with a class teacher based on our weekly value.
  • Friday: Whole School Celebration Assembly and Worship where we join to celebrate the achievements of all.


Our School Prayer 

This is our school, let peace dwell here 

Let the rooms be full of contentment

Let love abide here: 

Love for one another 

Love of the world 

Love life itself 

And love of God 

Let us remember 

That as many hands build a house 

So many hearts make a school 


Collective Worship - Recorded or narrated PowerPoints

Please see below for links to our recorded/narrated PowerPoints for Collective Worship. These include all of our worship sessions with Mrs Johnston, Mr Mordue and our Class Worships too.


Autumn Term 2021

Are You Shining? - Monday 22nd November - Mrs Johnston

Opposites - Monday 17th October - Mrs Johnston

Harvest - Monday 4th October - Mrs Johnston

Ambitions - Monday 20th September - Mrs Johnston 


Summer 2 2021

Lighthouses - Monday 7th June - Mrs Johnston

Diversity - Tuesday 8th June - Mr Mordue

Jairus' Daughter - Thursday 10th June - Beech Class

We are all different - Monday 14th June - Mrs Johnston

Light and warmth - Tuesday 15th June - Mr Mordue

Feeding of the Five Thousand - Thursday 17th June - Birch Class

Sikhism - Tuesday 22nd June - Mr Mordue

Getting back to normal - Wednesday 23rd June - Mrs Johnston

The Kind Stranger - Thursday 24th June - Chestnut Class

Passing It On - Monday 28th June - Mrs Johnston

What makes me, me? - Tuesday 29th June - Mr Mordue

Off to Hogwarts! - Monday 5th July - Mrs Johnston 

The most important prize - Tuesday 6th July - Mr Mordue

The Unforgiving Servant - Thursday 8th July - Hazel Class

Summer 1 2021

A Life Well Lived HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh - Monday 12th April

Choices - Tuesday 13th April - Mr Mordue

What is God Like? - Monday 19th April - Mrs Johnston

St George's Day - Tuesday 20th April - Mr Mordue

Be Kind to Our Planet - Monday 26th April - Mrs Johnston

Sharing and giving to others - Tuesday 27th April - Mr Mordue

Developing good habits - Tuesday 4th May - Mr Mordue

Trust - Monday 10th May - Mrs Johnston 

Living a good life - Tuesday 11th May - Mr Mordue

The Centurion's Servant - Thursday 13th May - Hazel Class

The Truth, the Whole Truth... - Monday 17th May - Mrs Johnston 

Dealing with emotions - Tuesday 18th May - Mr Mordue

The Storm on the Lake - Thursday 20th May - Sycamore Class

Love and Trust - Monday 24th May - Mrs Johnston

Ramadan - Tuesday 25th May - Mr Mordue




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