Bishop Ian Ramsey Church of England Primary School

Behaviour Expectations

Behaviour Policy March 2020

We provide a caring and purposeful atmosphere in school, and encourage children to be honest, polite, self-disciplined, considerate and reliable. Great emphasis is placed on developing our children to become responsible and independent learners. However, if a child should overstep the bounds of acceptable behaviour, this would be brought to their attention and, if the behaviour was to continue, the steps outlined in the school's Behaviour Policy will be followed.

On occasions, a child's work or behaviour changes due to some family trauma. It would be appreciated if parents or carers inform the school in such an event so that staff can give the child, and whole family, the understanding and support they need.  All such matters are treated in the strictest confidence.

Bishop Ian Ramsey CE Primary School is part of the Durham Diocesan MAT. Durham Diocesan MAT is a company limited by guarantee (company number 10847279) and exempt charity registered in England and Wales at Cuthbert House, Stonebridge, Durham, DH1 3RY.